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Career and Technical Education programs are designed to serve individuals that work in the development field, including teaching at the secondary and post-secondary level and technical industry training. Teacher education degrees and certifications are offered in the following disciplines: Computer and IT training; Business Managment and Administration; Early Childhood Development; Digital Arts; Project Management and Marketing.


Educational personnel with an interest in training and supervising pupils in work settings in North America need to be certified by taking Continuing Education courses. Certification can include diverse work settings for secondary students which includes capstone programs, shadowing experience, diversified occupational systems, internships, work experience programs, internships, and actual job shadowing. Skills and knowledge covered by some programs are also applicable to adult settings and post-secondary settings. Individuals who want to teach cooperative education should apply to the program and supply information about their educational and work background. A program of study will be prepared based on information provided by the prospective trainee; those who hold valid teaching certificates will be working towards “add-on” awards in Continuing Education, and others will be working toward “stand-alone” certificates. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, you should contact an advisor.

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11 Responses to Insotus College

  1. frank says:

    INSOTUS is a good option. I took the course not so long ago and I had a great experience they provide with materials and you can easily get your certificate, which is recognized in several places. Yet, do not trust everything you listen, you do need to invest some money on additional content and so on. You will have to work a bit hard. I’m not saying TESOL was no fun, but you need to be determined, maybe I was not so responsible. I know I must find my job, but what they promised about the job placement option is not really so fabulous. Yet, I’m doing alright.

  2. denni says:

    TESOL sites are popular but what INSOTUS College did for me is just impossible to forget I will be thankful forever. I was able to teach in Canada and if you do not have a degree, do not believe everything you hear, since, you will just be able to teach in South America or China. If you feel confused, customer care will help you. They will contact you with the right department and help you get rid of doubts and even guide you to find that dreamy job position. So, if you need assistance, you will be fine.

  3. neel says:

    Ok, at first, I didn’t know what to expect. The early childhood development course appeared to be boring, but it took a whole new approach shortly after it started. I’m very thankful with INSOTUS College staff members, they really helped me out. My enthusiasm was raised to the sky and my expertise level is now grandiose. I know I must keep learning but I feel I’m ready to transmit knowledge and help people. Literally, it will modify your current life approach. This will be meaningful for sure; it is a rewarding opportunity so if you have the money, I would say you take it.

  4. ksin says:

    To be honest, I did not feel like doing a thesis or a huge paper, so, if this is your case and you wish to learn English fast, then the TESOL is for you. I mean, the course content is the most complete I had ever seen. I was impressed, and it was not difficult to understand at all. Teachers are friendly, just look out; since I had a teacher that did not answer my question until I asked repeated times. But I didn’t really worry; I feel I had learned a lot and I’m happy with my current teaching position. I may relocate to Australia soon.

  5. LuoLan says:

    TESOL is fun and it includes insightful plans, I truly enjoyed the content. I still have my textbooks. Long story short, I did not feel like developing a paper for several days, I’m not a huge fan of thesis, and thus, after my neighbor told me about her overseas experience, I chose the online course. I’m not saying it is the perfect course but, it is worth the price and it is a good certificate. Hope this makes sense.

  6. Glen says:

    If you seriously want to teach overseas, look into TESOL. INSOTUS offers a good deal. Plus, their job placement options are truly great. If you are on the edge of breaking down due to a low income or if your frustrated dream is to teach, well just go for it. It is always good to acquire certificates and show how talented you are. As a side note, do not set your expectations so high in terms of quality content, since some textbooks have a few mistakes. But, each lesson guidance is top of the line, or at least, I enjoyed it.

  7. herry says:

    TESOL is a complete English course I feel I’ve learned a lot. Well, I still wish I had done my diligence, since the instructor was nice and trained and the course material was insightful and yes, interesting, but, I was in the middle of many things, so I did not pay much attention. Overall, I wanted a fast course to show my skills to future employees. And it worked! So, whenever companies claim they do care about graduates and so on, this is not always true. I’m sure I’m not the only one teaching without a bachelor degree and all thanks to TESOL.

  8. mevis says:

    INSOTUS is a reliable TESOL provider; I’m satisfied since the entire job placement thing was not just about false promises. I was able to teach in 2 universities and I’m now heading to China. If you are considering this course, you must know that it is not a Bachelor degree or anything like that. But, if you do not feel like doing a thesis, well, a TESOL certificate will get you through. It is useful and even fun. It gives you competency and you can prove your skills. Read the plan guidance and start from there that is what I did.

  9. Han says:

    The TESOL is great and will allow you to get started onto teaching, especially if you are planning to relocate. An overseas experience can be a lot of fun. I did struggle a little, since I waited for my certificate for a few weeks, but, overall, I had a blast. Seriously, everything about it was fine, even deadlines and all. If you have the money, do not hesitate about it. This course brings real benefits and, it is not like a Bachelor degree, but it serves you in several ways. You get what you pay for, if you understand what I mean.

  10. rebbis says:

    If you want to take the TESOL, you should keep your personal papers handy. I remember I struggled finding a paper and a lady was not that polite. But, despite this, tutors where then helpful and I was able to finish my course. So, it worked out. Manuals and course exams are written with a few mistakes but you are getting a good course for that price. I’m teaching in Canada and totally grateful for it. Exams and manuals are fine and INSOTUS is a good option to go for. You will get a paper that will bring benefits so avoid worthless certificates and I would say you consider this.

  11. zeel says:

    The Business administration course was complete and I enjoyed every textbook. It was properly organized and the course content helped me learn the main aspects of Marketing. I’m sure I want to purchase this career. I feel Im finally on the right track. Teachers were very professional; I just felt one teacher was pressuring me a bit to engage more in a specific theme. Overall, there is no doubt that I will be incorporating all these new hints onto my future project. It is great how they combined rich content in a simple way. I will be keeping this material for sure.

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